I originally started the post wrote this post in October 2014 and I finally revisited it in March 2015.

Content is ubiquitous but good writing is harder to find.

Writing that is engaging, delivers value, presents information in an interesting manner; even if its about kitchen mixers is sorely missing in the business context. As this post on HBR by Alexandra Samuel put its, the missing piece is the editor:

“It’s the in-between layer that’s missing: the editor who acts as a proxy for the reader, and ensures your content offers that reader real value in return for their time.”

With the focus on ‘content contents sake’ the story gets buried.

Questions like:

– Does it tell a good story?
– Is this the best medium to convey this story?
– Does it provide some kind of insight?
– Is this adding value to the reader?

are ignored, unconsidered or just thrown out the window.

If you read enough of these blogs, there are patterns and regurgitation of topics and themes:

-The Most Effective Email Subject Line.. Ever. Yes. In the Entire Universe.
– 8 Ways To Hack your Growth like a Growth Hacker
– How to Validate Your Lean Startup in one week as an MVP
– 10 Ways to Hack Press and PR.
– The Leanest Starup Ever. Leaner than the previous Lean Startup.

These posts are fillers with no meat. They are designed to either sell you something, hoard mountains of page views, establish oneself as an ‘thought leader’ (and then sell you something) or tear your precious email address out of your hands; the currency of the internet business.

As traditional advertising fails to deliver results more businesses turn to content marketing as the panacea for their business problems. More and more content marketers are thrown at word-processors with the clear goal of quantity triumphs quality. This culminates in fluff pieces solely for the purpose of keywords and meeting the quota. There’s no focus on quality story telling & being a person. All too often company/startup blogs start sounding the same behind the canned voice. The posts severely lack any knowledge or critical opinions. It’s hard to imagine a person with his or her own thoughts at the other end.

Let’s get some writers to do the writing instead. Let the editors call the shots instead of a suit.

The journalism/writing industry has evolved, but does that mean we all write link bait headlines and celebrate as the numbers go up?

I don’t have a solution; but lets start by being genuine & writing interesting stories after all page views don’t mean much.

Thanks Sophie, John and my family who read drafts of this post. But at the end I just decided to push the button.

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